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Q: What can I expect as a client?
Expect honest feedback and constructive criticism. At the end of the day you're a product and we need to work together at selling you to have the right company invest in you. This is a service provided by professionals, for professionals and we assume you're already motivated!
Q: Do you just write resumes?
No. You don't want to be sitting at home toasting a CV when you should be out celebrating a new job. A resume is an important, but small part of what it takes to get a job. You need a resume AND a strong interview performance AND placement assistance if you are going to succeed. We specialise in coaching you on job interview techniques and finding you jobs nationally.
Q: What if I'm not thoroughly impressed with my new CV?
Fair question. Everybody has different requirements. We provide you with the opportunity to comprehensively review a draft version of your new CV. At this point we encourage you to be very open and welcome any amendments you see as being needed. To make you comfortable we guarantee to amend your CV so it meets your high standards. The only thing more important than what you'd like to see in a great CV is what your ideal employer needs to see to hire you. We will be honest enough to tell you if we feel something in your CV could damage your prospects.
Q: Will I get value for money?
Yes. We don't guarantee to get you a job the day after you join us as this would be dishonest and you're not silly enough to believe it. You’d be surprised what some competitors promise and have no intention of delivering! We do, however, guarantee to stick with you until you secure a good job. Mutual success is dependent upon your willingness to learn and practice. We will happily invest a lot of time and effort in winning you a great job...all we ask is that you do the same!
Q: Can I rely on recruiters alone to get me a job?
Imagine you're a recruiter. The client company is paying you to find the right employee. As a recruiter, would you sacrifice your relationship with the company holding the purse strings by putting forward anyone you didn't know well. Recruiters will only recommend you if they feel you can sell yourself to their client company, regardless of whether or not you're the most qualified person. In short, they are running a business and want to maximise their chances of getting paid. This may be a cynical view of the industry, but ask yourself this... "have you ever worked for a manager you could do a better job than?" If so, why did they get the job? You may well agree that the best people don't get the jobs. The people who are best at getting jobs get the best jobs. Many recruiters know this and they play the game at your expense! We equip you with the best tools and then work on your behalf to find you jobs nationally. Of course, you can use other recruiters as well and they'll be keen to get you in front of employers given the quality of work we do for you.
Q: How do I know your work is quality?
Go ahead and browse the FREE samples. What would you think if you received this CV in the mail as an employer? Would it stand out? Would it get your attention? Would you read it? Would you want to meet the person who wrote it? I guess you could always stick with the CV you already have. But as the saying goes, "you only get the same results if you keep doing the same old things". To get different results you need to do something different. Will you still be doing the same old things next year? Will that help you get a substantially better job?
Q: How can we offer so much for so little?
How can we provide all this at such an affordable price when other companies provide much less and charge up to 5 times more? It's got a lot to do with systemisation and not robbing those in need. It's also about investing in people's future, putting something back into the Defence community. We realise the fastest way to build a business is the honest and fair way.
Q: When should I start looking for a better job?
When should you ever stop looking! Is it ever to soon to get a pay rise and secure you financial future? Is it ever too soon to win back quality of life and give your family peace of mind? Whenever you become serious about getting a better job, call us.
Q: How long will it take to get the right job?
Most jobs involve multiple interviews and getting hired can take anywhere from days to months. One thing is for sure...the better your job hunting tools...the faster you will get hired! You need to have your toes in the water, plan ahead and be prepared to act when the right opportunities come along. The time taken to secure the right job varies depending on your specific requirements. Clients tell us that they secure jobs in substantially less time than they expected.
Q: What are your success rates?
Difficult question to answer. At a guess, 85-95% depending on the aspirations of individual clients. We do not claim to be perfect. No excuses...just an honest response. We do a heck of a lot to ensure we don't fail though, and our success rates are best practice in the industry.
Q: Do you have job opportunities right now?
Yes, lots of them. We cater for most industries at all levels and we work both nationally and internationally. Through our large placement network we do have vacancies available right now for a large number of roles. If you call us we’ll ask questions to better understand what you're after. We prefer not to guess what it is you want, so feel free to call or email us and enquire further.
Q: What's the process for new clients?
The way we bring each client on board varies depending on what they are looking for. As a guide, our services generally follow this format:

Step 1:   Email us your most recent CV if you have one so we can familiarise ourselves with your career history.

Step 2:   We'll call you to arrange a detailed chat with a highly qualified member of our team.

Step 3:   We'll discuss your professional history, values, company selection, strengths, value proposition and much more to extract the right material for your new CV.

Step 4:   Whilst this is happening, the designers will develop a CV layout appropriate  to your individual needs.

Step 5:   At the same time, our team will research your previous employers and preferred employers to sell the sizzle on them and ensure we present a strong values match.

Step 6:   Approximately 7-10 working days later you then receive a draft CV for your review.

Step 7:   You provide feedback on your draft CV and we make all necessary changes. The CV then goes to the proofing team.

Step 8:   Your completed CV package is issued.

Step 9:   For clients using CMTC and PEEP, we then commence an intensive and challenging coaching program. Naturally, you can always make use of our unlimited  coaching program whenever you want!

Step 10:   You meet with employers of your choice and we help you negotiate the best package once you win the right opportunity.
Q: What is my investment?
This depends on what you're after. Yes, we do have a standard price schedule, but let's slow right down and work out if you really need us and whether we can add value first. If you don't need what we do, then any price we charge will be too expensive. You'll be glad to know most clients benefit from our services for much less than they expect. Let us know if you think we've made it too affordable.
Q: How are you different to other companies?
We are honest, direct and respectful. It's your life and your career but we treat it as if it were our own because we've all been in tough spots before and know how important it is to get things right when your future hangs in the balance. We don't rehash the same old stuff that's been around for years. We haven't bent the rules of job hunting, we've rewritten the book. We are professionally employed job finders, not desk jockeys, not run of the mill CV writers, and certainly not just your average recruiter.
Q: Why don't I wait to see what jobs I get offered first?
What happens if you don't get a job? You will have wasted your time. What's the opportunity cost of not getting a job sooner? If we win you a job on $60,000 just one month sooner, your investment will have returned $5,000. And make that a $10,000 windfall for all you senior managers who end up on $120,000. A sobering thought when you consider many professionals get knocked back month after month because they simply can't sell themselves well enough. What if you're already getting job offers? That's great and we are genuinely happy for you. Are they the right jobs with the right companies at the right level? Does your pay fully reflect the value you bring to the company? Could you have increased you pay by $10k? $20k? $50k by painting a more compelling picture of what you could do for the company. You didn't get where you are by passing up opportunities. It's said successful people know a good opportunity when they see one. What better opportunity than your own future!
Q: I'm gainfully employed, so how can you help me?
Many of our clients were gainfully employed. Yet they still had that nagging thought in the back of their heads, "as successful as I am, could I have travelled further and faster with outside help?" Happy? Ask yourself how much happier you could be.
Q: I have an issue trusting people - how can I trust you?
Don't. Trust doesn't come over night, its forged over time. Trust is also a two way street. Should we trust you enough to invest our time in helping you? Why? How serious are you about getting the right job?
Q: Why do people come to you even after using other firms?
Go ahead and shop around...we already know what you'll find. Compare our resumes, interview coaching and job placement services to others you find. Too many people make the mistake of applying for jobs using a CV and interview technique that doesn't do their experience justice. This simply doesn't cut the mustard. Are you content presenting yourself for a job with a big pay rise using a $50 CV? We pick up the loose ends for Defence folks that have been let down by other firms...we repair the damage they do!
Q: Why not just have a friend help me with my CV?
Chances are your friend isn't where you want to be, so how do they know what it takes to get you there? Unless your friend is a professional CV writer, coach and placement specialist... they'd probably be doing your chances more harm than good. You wouldn't ask a dentist to fix your car, so why ask someone who doesn't specialise in winning jobs to help you get one?
Q: Why not have a recruiter help me with my CV?
Does a 25 year old recruiter who was selling real estate 2 years ago really have a deep understanding of what it takes to place a professional? Can they fully grasp your unique value as a corporate asset? Ask a recruiter to describe the unique value you bring to a business. If they can't do it can they possibly be expected to understand you and sell your value.
Q: What are the coaches like?
Our coaches are experienced, approachable, understanding, realistic and smart. Our coaches won't bombard you with reams of useless, fluffy theory. You'll find our unique coaching program to be relevant, practical and highly effective. The only time you should ever use a recruiter to write your resume and coach you on interview technique is when they ALSO specialise in those fields. We do!
Q: Are you a recruiter?
Absolutely. At the end of the day everything we do is aimed at getting you a job and we actively hunt down job opportunities for you. Our clients are people like yourself who understand that 75% of jobs are not advertised. They know that success lies in tapping the hidden job market. The hidden market is like air! You can't see it, but you know its there. We tap it for you. Clients seek us out because they are looking for smart ways to secure great opportunities.
Q: Do you assist people with career change?
Yes. Many of our clients are after new challenges and new horizons. This quite often means different industries, roles, locations and cultures.
Q: Will I receive help developing a quality contact base?
Yes. We empower you with the marketing skills to build the right relationships with aspiring employers. We treat clients with respect and do not "shotgun" their credentials to companies as this creates a perception of desperation that reduces your positioning at interviews. We do not pretend to market our clients to databases. However, many full-service clients do ask us to personally call companies on their behalf to introduce them. This discretionary service is truly unique to our company.
Q: What if I don't want to leave Defence completely?
No problem. We also work with folks who want to work in a Defence industry business or a Public Service role dealing with Defence.
Q: Can you overhaul my interview performance?
Yes. This is a critical element of our service and is a key reason why we provide an unlimited   coaching service. Clients tell us the all-inclusive coaching program is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of our partnership. We'll walk you through the interview step-by-step, showing you what to say and do to win that perfect job by providing evidence beyond doubt to the interviewer that you are indeed the best person for the job.

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