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The very best of the best resume writers

A Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) is among the very BEST OF THE BEST in the world…they are a star in the resume writing industry. Elite CPRW work stands out for its innovation, formatting that grasps the attention of the reader and superior command of language that makes every bullet point an unfolding story…a revelation for the reader and a triumph for clients.

NJN is one of very few CPRWs in Australia.  Its no wonder that the CPRW title is not widely held, since only the very best apply and two thirds of them fail! Our CPRW certification is your iron clad guarantee that you’ll receive a PHENOMENAL resume.

Shrewd clients look to a CPRW to create a flawless value proposition and showcase your vision. A professional possessing a superior way with words that can build a compelling case for hiring in a dog-eat-dog world.

What sets us apart is our rich mix of skill and expertise in using special “Competency Based” techniques to achieve an A-Grade return on your resume. No matter what your experience, only NJN has what it takes to elevate your resume and interview performance to the Top 5% of the market.