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Features & Benefits

Australia’s No.1 ADF resume writer

Next Job Now is the No.1 resume writer for ADF members in Australia. We write resumes for all services, all ranks and all occupations. Importantly, we know that a resume is not a historical recounting of your career or a list of achievements. It’s a very subtle sales document that has to put your skills in the best possible light.

We won’t make you fill in any time-wasting forms like our competitors

We are the only company that does a resume interview to get the information we need to write your resume. Our competitors just send you a form to fill in yourself…which is a bit like paying someone else and then doing their job for them.

NJN won’t make you look like a trained killer

Its all too easy to look like a trained killer. A resume should solely address themes of commercial interest to an employer and highlight how you will make them money, save money or make something faster, safer, cheaper, more efficient, etc. We’ll make sure there are no deadly killer words in your resume like command, mission, frigate, subordinate and many others!

An attractive and effective resume layout with keywords highlighted

NJN uses an attractive and effective resume layout that is optimised for scanning into recruiter databases, highlights keywords to get employer attention and uniquely showcases key skills up front so that every employer can see something of use to them in your background.