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Defence CTAS policy

Defence provides a wide range of career transition support to separating ADF members through the Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS). The intent of the scheme is to assist ADF members with preparing for their next career, not to find specific employment. Access to the various levels of CTAS is determined on the length of service and/or the circumstances surrounding the ADF member’s separation. ADF members should read PACMAN Chapter 2 Part 2 Division 2 Eligibility and levels of assistance for further guidance.

See PACMAN provisions online

Medical Discharges can access CTMC and CTT

PACMAN provides that a member may only access career transition training or career transition management coaching, not both. However, PACMAN Div 2, Para 2.2.11 contains an Exception which states that Members who have left the ADF compulsorily as a Medical Discharge or MIER are eligible to access both career transition training and career transition management coaching.