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NJN is the ONLY company that does a resume interview…NO FORM FILLING

As we said before, NJN is the ONLY company that does a resume interview to get the information needed to write your resume. Have you ever asked yourself why our competitors send you a form to fill in? I’m not sure you’re going to like the answer! Like us, most competitors use ex-military people to sell you their services, BUT that’s where the similarities end. Check this out:

NJN We talk to you to get info for your resume because we understand the military and this will be   obvious when you deal with us.

OTHERS Outsource their resume writing to civilians who have never been in the military and try to hide it by   sending a form for you to fill in so you can’t talk to the person who will be writing your resume.

Form-filling is killing your job hunting chances

When you fill in a form with a competitor to provide information for your resume, you are missing a LOT of information that a resume expert doing a proper interview to research your background would include. After all, you are only thinking about your background from a military perspective. Now let’s be clear on this...if you don’t put something in the form then it won’t end up in the resume a competitor writes for you. Are you really happy with that outcome given that you are paying for expert advice to explore and translate your background.

NJN conducts 1:1 resume interviews and doesn’t cut corners

Unlike our competitors, we do all of our resume writing in-house. Nothing gets outsourced to civilians. We’ll do a 1:1 interview and go through all your PMKeyS information plus any annual reports, old resumes and supporting documentation. You won’t find any other company in Australia that is as thorough as NJN.

We are always happy to make changes to suits your needs

Our work is so good that most clients rarely change a word. Don’t worry though, we provide plenty of opportunity for you to review the draft resume and will willingly make any changes for you. Once you provide us with feedback we’ll thoroughly proof the resume several times before we issue the final version.

Our expert team will translate your military skills to civvy speak

You do so much in Defence, but few resume writers know how to translate your military skills in a way that makes employers want to hire you over hundreds of other applicants. It’s all we do and we are the best at it. Next Job Now is the No.1 resume writer for ADF folks in Australia. Just check out the resume samples on the Resources page of our website and you’ll see why. We translate your rank, unit details, job duties, achievements, military courses, deployments and other information to make sure you are presented as a highly employable team member.

Don’t panic if you ever lose your resume

Money-hungry competitors often password protect your resume and charge up to several hundred dollars to reissue your resume if you ever lose it. Not us. NJN never password protects any documents and we reissue your resume completely free of charge should you ever need it.